Smart Way to Handle Busy Bar

6 07 2009

Master Class
Hey….As I promise on my last article to convert language style of Barklinik into English…so here we are! Firstly, I’d like to thanks to you guys & girls for sending email to ; There are many question come to me, where every and each question will be answered & posted on upcoming series. I’m going to start with email from Judith at Sky Bar, Singapore asking about Tips How to handle busy bar!

Okey, let’s talking about busy bar! busy season is the sign to make business.Take it as fun?! Time to rock n’ roll, Do your best effort to get maximum business. Smart bartender will put every busy time as a challenge & every challenge is the asset for improvement. So enjoy it ! Here are the tips to minimize some challenges during busy hours:

Mice en’ place
Mice en’ place is the most important thing before we run the show, proper preparation according to the business level. Check reservation & trend before we prepare our garnish, stationary and stack for the back up oparational. It’s not wise if we have to throw away garnish remaining left from the operational because our careless din’t estimate our mice en’ place.

Stacking & Spirits Arrangement
Good arrangement bottle on the display, soft drinks & juices in the refrigerator, Glass on the rack accordingly will help us during operational. Everything in the bar has it’s place and it should always be there. The secret to devastating speed is a bartender does not have to look for anything b’ cause they know where it it. Place all fast moving items on the reachable place.

Equipments turn over
Just imagine, during the busy operational, all the glasses out on the table with nobody doing clearance, some dirty glass stack on the washing area! Definitely all the drinks order will delay coz bartender suffering with glasses…So be sure the equipments turnover has to run smoothly.

Bartender Skills & speed
There are four basic skills a bartender must practice and master. Firstly, knowledge of products, recipes, and being able to hold good conversation. Secondly, Speed in making drinks. Thirdly, make the drinks with defined style. Fourthly, be aware of the etiquette of drinks,drinking and service.

Professional bartender will be able to juggle with different order at the same time, think fast, maximize speed and focus! aware all the cocktails recipe. Use Both hand, Right and left will work together dynamically One bartender can handle for about 50 guest.

Free pour, The best pouring system so far which’s still we use in the bar. It will help bartender to increase the speed. As long as it is done accurately! Otherwise, not at all.

One more thing bartender need to Aware is the mixing method (Blend, built, stir, Muddle, shake or layer ). Did you know ? Drinks which take the longest should be started first. And the ones which take the least time should be done last.

Team work
Don’t be selfish ! Supporting each other no matter different position, manager, waiter, bartender, or steward will help us to run the show.

Keep Cool
Very important thing to be in every bartender mind during peak season is…keep cool! even print out for the next order continuously coming, All the waiter shouting for their order, Bar counter full of guest…don’t panic. Do what you have to do first, increase your speed, end it with good quality of drink taste & presentation.

Judith! To be professional bartender is not about our ability to run the operational but the way we deal the challenge with style is the essence!

By Tarjoe,
July 06,2009




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17 07 2009

good idea,bro

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