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12 07 2009

Beer Tap
Try to escape from hot and dry summer night , me and the buzzing team decide to go to one of chic and stylish sport bar in the city. Wow, huge selection of beer are there! Beer from the big producer country like Germany, Mexico, Ireland, Belgium, Holland, Czech,etc. Truly refreshing drink , we start with jug of hoegaarden beer, tipical Belgian wheat beer, it’s cloudy almost glowing pale yellow with a big spongy white head. A complex flavor contains notes of banana, clove, wheat, and honey and variey of spices aswell. The wheat flavour remains throughout leaving a light dryness as an aftertaste. This beer make me crazy ! it’s totally give me different experience if i compare with other easy drinking beer from Holland or Ireland.

Huh..That’s beer remain me to the story where alcohol first time introduced, beer is the oldest alcoholic beverage. Long time before wine , champagne and spirits booming.The history of beer dates back to the stone ages and beer was the first drink known to mankind and was discovered accidently by man. It is said that long ago grain was gathered and the grain was kept in an area where there was water. After a while the grain and warm water mixed and fermented and was tasted and turned out to be a great tasting beverage. We can say beer is a fermented of maited grain drink and seasoned with hops.
Beer Style

We can divide beer itself neatly into four main categories:

Lager-lager beer is fermented by yeast at the bottom of a cold tank ( 37-49 F) process is called bottom fermentation. It’s then stored “Lagered” to mellow for several weeks or even months before packaging. Most of today’s lager is based on the original Pilsner style. These days ph of the water can be adjusted easily by using calcium carbonate or citric acid.

Ales-Along with porters, and Stouts are fermented at warmer temperatures ( 50-70 F) using a yeast that rises to the top of the liquid or we called top fermentation. Stored only a few days before bottling or putting into the cask or keg. Darker colours achieved by foasting of grain & caramel or burnt sugar.

Porters-poter is ale with rich and heavy foam. Dark malt, sweeter and less hoppy than regular ale but less strong than stouts.

Stouts-Very dark ale with strong malt flavor. Sweet and strong in hop flavor.

Water is the main ingredient in beer. But not all water can produce every style of beer: in the absence of water treatment, the range of beer styles that can be made from a water supply depends strongly on the mineral content of the water. These effects are felt mainly at the mashing step of the brewing process (the conversion of starch in the grain to sugar, and the extraction of the sugar from the grain). The water of Pilsen, Czech Republic, is very soft; i.e., it has a very low mineral content. The famous beer from Pilsen couldn’t be produced in its classic form from any harder water. Classic Pilsner is made with very large amounts of bittering hops– much more than any other lager beer. Coupled with its light body and mild maltiness, one might expect it to be sharply bitter. The reason this is not the case is that the water contains very little Sulfate ion; Sulfate accentuates the perception of hop bitterness.

There are many type of malt. Base malts differ from each other in the type of grain they come from, in the amount of time they are allowed to germinate, and in the time and temperatures at which they are dried. We can’t get great flavor of beer when we use only regular malt, try using specialty grains if you have not tried them before. You will notice a big difference in the complexity of your beer. These specialty malts usually contribute a great deal of flavor, aroma, body, and color to the beer. See below malting process :
Good quality undamaged grain
Dried in a kiln to reduced moisture content to 10% .
•Steeped in water for 2 – 3 days – Damping .
•Aired on kiln floor – Spreading
Start germination and produces enzymes – Diastase – converts starch in the grain to sugar. Takes 7-10 days.
•Growth stopped as heat increased
Heating continues to produce required colour of malt for type of beer to be produced i.e. dark for stout and light for pale beers.

Type of barley malt
Pale Malt-light roast, maximum sugar. Basis of all beer
Lager Malt-light roast, less sugar than pale malt used for lager
Crystal Malt-Medium roast, fuller flavor.
Black/ Chocolate Malt-heavy roast, caramelized sugar used for stouts.

Hops are a flowers used to season beer. There are two types of hops; Bittering hops and aroma hops. Bittering has more bitter flavor that the aroma beer hops. Bittering are added towards the beginning of the boil and aroma towards the end. Another reason hops is used is because it acts as a natural preservative, helping to keep the beer fresh. .
Plant of Nettle/Hemp family
Grown in Belgium, Canada, Germany, U.K., and USA
Only female flower is used.
Contains a yellow resin called Lupulin. Dried – takes 12 hours. Several variety used according to type of beer and may be blended.
Examples include: Wye, Northdown, Fuggle , Goldlngs

Yeast is a single-celled fungus. It has only one thing to do in life, which is to make more copies of itself. It does this very quickly and efficiently, doubling every two hours or so under the right conditions. Yeast consume the sugars in the wort and produce alcohol and carbon dioxide, in a process called fermentation. Primarily, two species of yeast are relevant to brewing: Saccharomyces cerevisiae or ale yeast, and Saccharomyces Carlsbergensis or lager yeast (the latter was named for the Carlsberg Brewery in Copenhagen, where it was first isolated in pure culture; it also goes by the less romantic species name _uvarum_). The two are frequently called top-fermenting and bottom-fermenting yeast

Maltose (from malt)
Glucose (factory sugar made from starches of rice sago, maize,etc )
Inverted Sugar
Caramel / burnt sugar

6.Fruits, herbs, Spices
Nowadays, Hops took over as the major beer flavoring and bittering
ingredient in the early to middle part of the millennium. But before, we were use wide range of herbs and spices to get flavor. In the market we can find beer like fruited wheat beer, hot pepper beer or Apple cider, perry.

Beer Making

Brewing process- Lager
Originates from German “Lager-bier” – stored beer. Using different yeast – SACCHAROMYCES CARLSBERGENSIS – a bottom fermenting yeast
oTo ensure hygienic conditions, enclosed fermenters are used with a conical base, in which the yeast settles into the base
oFermentation occurs from the bottom of the fermenting vessel,
oTakes place at lower temperatures
•Prolonged period of cold storage – LAGERING is carried out,
oBeer chilled to almost 0oc , conditions the beer, causes impurities to settle, and CHILL PROOFS the beer.
oTakes 2 – 6 months depending on recipe, strength and shelf life required.
oSparkle produced by reusing CO2 produced in fermentation
•Lager should always be served cold.

Brewing process – Ale
Starts with cleaning malt – Screening.
Pure whole malt ground to fine powder – Grist.
Cereal additives made
Grist transferred to Mashtun – Liquour added.
 Porridge like mixture heated 90 min. 145°-155°F
Starch converted into sugar
Resulting liquid is called WORT
Mashing – malt sprayed with water again – Sparging – heating to ensure that all sugar has been extracted.
The two lots of Wort mixed
Transferred to large copper boilers, called Wort Receivers – boiled –
HOPS and commercial sugar are added – 1.5 hours.
Rapidly cooled to 60°F
Then to Fermenting Vessel yeast is added – mixture is stirred – fermentation starts – Takes 3-4 days
Temp carefully controlled.
Yeast skimmed off
Beer passed into collecting vessel – surplus yeast strained off
Goes to bottling store, conditioning tanks or to racking machine Racking- sugar -Primings added (to cause secondary fermentation)
Finings added and dry hops to help clear beer.

Joy the beer
Aroma – basic aroma in a beer can be formed by malt, Strength, Hops, Alcohol, water, and other aromatic agent.
Flavour – flavor of beer may comes from type and amount of malt used and strength of bitterness.
Mouthfeel – this is what we feel in the mouth when we drink a beer.factor which’s influene he taste in the mouth are thickness of the liquid and level of carbonation.
Strength – we can judge strength of the beer from alcohol concentration and some other factors.
Tiger beer
John Scmith beer
Beer in the Market
There are more than hundreds beer we can find in the bar. Below are some of them :
Amstel Light – the Dutch lager is low in calories and low in alcohol. It has good hops character on the nose and Light .
Becks – Pale yellow with a refreshing sweet hint aftertaste. This germany beer brewed only with barley malt, hops, and water.
Budweiser– Very famous for it’s dry, clean, and crispy taste. Produced from mix rice & barley malt combined with beechwood aging.
Balihai – Lager beer which’s especially brewed for tropics, moderate, slightly dry, with wellrounded finish and creamy foam, rich in taste. Premium beer from Island of god, Bali.
Corona – Doesn’t have big deal of taste. This famous Mexican beer is light in colour with a quickly disappearing head. It’s usually served with lime wedge.
Carlsberg – Unquestionable pioneer beer from Denmark. When we drink most of other beer, we can taste Carlsberg in it.
Foster – Very easy drinking beer from Australia. Slod out as a Session lager in the UK.
Guinness – from the Emerald Isle ( Ireland ). This world famous Stout is black as night and very smooth. It has slight acidic note caused by a small amount of sour beer added to the blend to achieve the tart flavor.
Heineken – Famous as the Top selling lager in the world. Very refreshing taste. With good hops character.The best to enjoy when it’s cold.
John Smith Extra Smooth – This beer is number 1 brand UK Ale. Selling more than 1 million pint every day! Beer with distinct cereal character, malty and caramel notes, complemented by asmooth creamy texture.
Kronenbourg 1664 – Sharp, fresh , aromatic beer. The epitomy of French café style. Brewed with a unique blend of aromatic hops, including specialty hops -Strisselpalt..
Pilsner Urquell – Brewed in the town of pilsen in the Czech republic. Full flavoured, rounded, malty,gently bitter taste with no artificial additives.
Stella Artois – Belgian top selling premium lager in UK . it’s pilsen type lager noticeable hops flavors, light at the first with deep hop characteristic coming trough in the aftertaste.
Staropramen – Full distinctive taste with a slight bitter, malty flavor. It has a bitter aftertaste reminiscent of burn hop flowers.
San Miguel – Pride of Philipine people. With Crisp and surprisingly light aftertaste. Founded by a Spaniard.
Tsing Tao – China beer with pleasant aroma and a well balance taste. It has high malty flavor and well hopped character make it’s refreshing complement especially asian food.
Tiger – Crisp, clean, refreshing taste. Easy drinking by itsef or accompanied with asian food. A truly authentic far eastern beer.
Warsteiner – it has a malty scent and is great to drink on a hot day. This beer has golden color and thin white foamy head.


by Tarjoe,
July 12, 2009
Thanks to Wikipedia




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14 07 2009

Somekind of breaktrought for the bar connoiseur! now i know the true story behind of brewery

14 07 2009

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