Turn your Dry & Boring Bar to the Live & Cool Bar

10 08 2009

Probably there are hundred bar in the town, with cool and chic design but to be honest only few of them giving us really outstanding service and warm atmosphere and the rest only dispencer bar! What a pity..So where do we have to blame?

Managing a bar is much more than serving drinks and managing stock. It’s about the ins and outs of recruiting and training, keeping a staff motivated and working at their optimum level. It’s about setting the trend In the place, It’s about being creative in terms of marketing and above all – about constant personal development. By bringing out the best in ourself and our team, we bring out the best in our bar.

Just as we can’t say that there is a perfect cocktail, we can’t say that there is a perfect cocktail bar. However, in terms of set-up, there are good bars and poor bars.

In the early days of the cocktail, Jerry Thomas is considered to be the Father of the Cocktail. By profession he was a bartender, and by reputation he was a showman. A combination of skills that we still see in place today behind many bars.

Below some wild & crazy trix to cange our dry & boring bar performance :

Bar & design Concept
Give our venue a distinct identity and a reputation that creates a buzz around town with a tight, unique feature bar. Create unique identity which’s different with other bars. See smart concept of Buddha Bar, HardRock Café, TGI Friday, etc.

Music , Light & Entertainment concept
Music and light is an important element in creating atmosphere and style. And in trendy bar or restaurants becomes one with the environment. .Yes! Everyone knows that music and light is a key factor when it comes to creating an evocative atmosphere and mood. Music and light has amazing effects. music can be a precious ally when it comes to preventing or reducing stress. On the other hand music and light effects can be vibrant, overexciting, wild, violent, even pull out our emotion.Wow!

Menu Concept
Make menu for a Bar or restaurant is not as simple choosing our favourites dish then put into menu list. But there are some rule or guidance to be follow, such as match menu concept with the bar concept,Competitor concept, USP, Exploration unusual idea for drinks etc. We think a great cocktail menu should be judged by three simple criteria: 1) does it drive bar sales? 2) do people talk about it? 3) does it reflecting our brand?

Staff Trained
Bar staff can include bartenders, service bartenders, bar backs, and waitstaff. Bar Staff needs to learn Get our staff up to speed and help drives sales with the latest classes in technical freepouring, cutting-edge mixology, high-volume bartending techniques, sales & service, flair, wine service, spirits primers and more. Floor staff needs to improve their speed , ability in selling and able to deliver personal experience aswell. Staff trained is the most important thing to build our staff confident infront of the guest.
Some cocktails become popular simply because that is what a bartender or waiter might currently be suggesting to customers who aren’t sure what they want to drink. For several years now, the Cosmopolitan appears to be the cocktail that is most popular with bartenders across the country. I suppose this is one of those chicken and egg situations, in that it is hard to tell if this cocktail is popular because bartenders are pushing it, or if bartenders are pushing it because it is popular. It has just been fairly surprising to me that 9 times out of 10, when I ask a bartender for a cocktail recommendation; they will likely suggest a Cosmopolitan.
The greatest cocktail menu in the world won’t make us a dollar if our staff cannot execute it in a way that delivers profits. We have to create comprehensive beverage programs that leave nothing to chance and ensure profits from day one.

Different bars will attract different type of clientele, and this in turn will often dictate the types of drinks that we will see ordered over, and over again. With the cocktail coming back in vogue, people are beginning to acquire more of a repertoire and familiarity with the cocktail scene, and so you will often see a lot more then just the “old standards” that people order simply because they don’t know what else to do.
Tired of the usual cocktails? Then try cocktail solids, a brand new kind of cocktails that has recently appeared in some selectioned venues around the world: “solid cocktails” are small jelly cubes that taste exactly like your usual Martini or Negroni, served in glasses or on spoons, sometimes with some “jelly” ice cubes. Above all the preparation of solid cocktails does not require special professional equipment, which means that everyone can make its own solid cocktail! Read our article to know something more about this new trendy revolution in drinking culture.
Trying to find a cooking method that could change the drink shape but not its taste. Since the “Cocktail Solids” trend is rapidly spreading, alternate versions of the first recipes are appearing on specialized magazines. Here is a simpler method (you won’t even need to use the oven!) to prepare a solid cocktail, this time we propose you to try a “Mojito Solid”, but you can substitute the ingredients with those of your favourite cocktail. Another little trendy revolution for the next season the introduction of jelly ice cubes in your classical cocktail: a funny way to cool your concoctions and give them a new, fresh and trendy look that will surprise your guests.
So the next time when we are in a cocktail bar, pay bit attention to what the people around you are ordering. Especially when you are in a “new” establishment, attempt to get a pulse on the bartender, the clientele, and the type of ambiance that is being pulled together. Not only can this help us adjust our mindset to better fit in with the flow, but it can also be quite entertaining to watch those who just don’t quite get it.
Far too many people are mixing cocktails simply by following a recipe, without really understanding the role that the different ingredients or methods play in the final product.

Have you ever seen Cocktails movie starred by Tom Cruise or Coyote Ugly? Both famous movie about bartender who working behind the bar. Start from innocence & amateur bartender then learn how to flip the bottle, grap the shaker and work with style, finally Tom cruise helped by Bryan Brown become professional flairtender. They can wowing every guest who come and sit in the bar with their skill in working flair. If you thought Tom Cruise and Bryan Brown were good in the movie”Cocktail” why don’t you start practice how to perform the most amazing acrobatic feats using equipment and bottles found in your bar . There are many sources you can get to improve your performance behind t he bar in flairing, such as flair DVD, flair websites- or learn from senior bartender which’s expert on flair. There are a lot of bartenders out there with priceless knowledge and skills that is yours for the taking, all you need to do is watch them, ask them for advice and listen.The thought of showing ones talents on stage in front of a crowd can be very nerve wrecking.. you will be able to impress your customers and increase your tips.
The flair, a technique coming from the America, is central in this new way of thinking the bar’s spaces. Any kind of bar has taken advantage of its great teaching. The flair, in fact, has improved the stations’ ergonomics or, in other words, the relation among the bartender, the equipments and the work setting. It has reached the goal of improving the productive efficiency and of giving a real answer to the psychophysical needs of the operator himself. The great flair’s advantage is represented by the fact that it has further enriched the working areas with new equipments and tools. Nowadays we can see fire flair, foie flair,etc.

Bar Magic
All the way from america together with flair, barmagic become popular to be performed behind the bar. Show some Simple trixx & magic in between our routine preparing drinks will wowing our customer. ( We will post some simple trixx & magic behind the bar in the future). Along with bar magic we can put “bar joke” also! Remamber, our customer come to our bar to have fun. Use and develop your humor! Positive attitudes Really Help! Many funny stories around the bar which’s we can share with them. Give sincere compliments freely and smile! Be positive and let it shine on all that surround you. It will come back many times more.
Does it cool? let’s work on it…and hits the mark!

by Tarjoe,
August 10, 2009




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