Secret Behind Every Success of Cocktails

28 11 2009

It’s not difficult to make cocktails! The range of cocktails is so huge that almost every bar can benefit from offering a well-chosen cocktail selection. We can see each and every bar offering different & their very own cocktail of the day! Whether we have a rock ‘n’ roll party bar or a stylish destination cocktail lounge, a fine dining bar or simply a pub where we’d like to offer added value to our regulars. Whether we are looking to finally start offering cocktails for the first time. Yes!…creativity and smart bartender is the key.To make it as easy as possible for us to start making and selling cocktails.

The reasons for making cocktails are quite compelling:
1. Guests are more likely to return because our bar serves a wicked Mojito than because they can get a run-of-the-mill whisky-coke.
2. Well-made cocktails inspire regular and generous tips.
3. We broaden our customer base.
4. We get a higher check average per guest by selling cocktails.
5. People are increasingly more demanding. They expect a good bar to offer cocktails.
By working efficiently and with trained staff, we can keep customers happy with premium drinks, while increasing our bar profits!

Chances are, we’ve got most of the materials we need lying around the bar. Now all we’ve got to do is start putting them to good use. Making cocktails is by no means difficult, making good cocktails requires attention to detail and doesn’t have to require exotic barware. The basic principles learned by making the simple mixture of sweet, tart, and liquor to make a balanced cocktail is the core to being a good bartender.If we are not successfully making and selling cocktails in our bar,below are the points we can go thru:

Bartender with their “freaky finger” is the man behind good or bad cocktails. They’re the person who fully responsible for the quality of the cocktails which’s dispensed from the bar.Presentation, taste, quantity and consistency.
Unless a guest requests it otherwise, always make the standard drinks on the list according to the house recipes. If Cosmopolitan is on the list, the guest must be able to get exactly the same drink from Joe on Tuesday night as Tom on Saturday night. If we want be creative and make a drink off the list, make sure we tell the guest what’s in it, otherwise they’ll come in on our day off and get a blank look from our colleague John when they order our special Tropical Punch. And if we want to make a drink we’ve read or heard about, don’t change the name or recipe – guests are confused enough about cocktails as it is! If we do change the ingredients, then change the name as well, otherwise you run the risk of creating a “This isn’t a Daiquiri…” situation!

With ingredients, quality works. Freshly squeezed juices, especially lemon, lime and orange. Good quality cocktail liquors & liqueurs. These days, what with drink-driving laws, health concerns and rising prices, people are determined to enjoy the few drinks that they can have, and that means making each cocktail well. The days of guzzling bland drinks are (thankfully!) over: guests want a great drinks.

Some people said”What’s meaning of the name”but for myself, I don’t agree with it! There were story behind..or there’re reason before we give the name for our own cocktails. The cocktails name can be inspired by ingredients,Place, Time ( season) or Storiea behind it…One thing to remember,words can have many different definitions and they can be taken out of context at times.

Smart bartender will not create frozen drink to welcome the upcoming winter!

Our customer sense of taste is the judge when it come to the final conclusion.One’s we see our customers happy with beautiful, delicious, well-made cocktails. Means we’ve success in creating new cocktail.There’s not one way to make a particular drink: cocktail recipes are not religious commandments carved in stone. This is a good thing, since cocktails – like food – should be adapted to the needs and wants of the particular person ordering.
Most people are quite comfortable with asking for a salad with or without dressing, and their steak cooked in a particular way; we learn about food from the meals prepared at home, and from our parents taking us out to restaurants. However, many young people leave home having learned very little, or nothing, about alcoholic drinks. They fumble their way around the world of alcohol, making ill-informed decisions based on vague assumptions.
When guests order drinks, try to take the time to ask them how they’d like them, and tell them how they are normally made at our bar. This demonstrates to them that they are dealing with a pro and prevents the situation where someone sends back a drink, or says “I ordered a daiquiri but this isn’t a daiquiri…”

Promotion it a must! How our customer will buy our cocktail if don’t promote it. Put it as Cocktail of the day.. or we can put as welcome drink!
The market for cocktails is growing, and with it are growing opportunities for bar owners and managers who can effectively tap into this lucrative market. And best of all, it doesn’t take a huge investment to keep your customers happy with beautiful, delicious, well-made cocktails. Just promote it

By Tarjoe,
November 28, 2009




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